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Hiking across the Tuscan Hills

The Brief

A tight-knit crew of seasoned wanderers approached Nomads Secrets to orchestrate a guided walking tour through  little-known Tuscany craving a journey off the beaten trail. They yearned for hidden beauties where crowds do not venture for lack of knowledge and time. Their desires? To walk across picture-perfect landscapes dotted with tiny Medieval villages where they could dine on superb cuisine, complemented by the best wines before retreating to atmospheric havens steeped in history to rest.

With such a wonderful brief in hand, Nomads Secrets planned the bespoke 10-day trek: a rich tapestry of experiences designed to unveil the finest of Tuscan panoramas, flavours and architecture. Their autumn voyage unfurled along a network of hiking trails that revealed the soul of this region’s unimaginable rich traditions and history.

The Feedback

Now that the fog of jet lag has almost lifted, I can write coherently about the magnificent adventure we have just shared. I loved every minute. None of it would have been remotely possible without you. Your ability to put together an itinerary that ticked every box on my wish list for a journey in Italy was just the beginning. The routes you plotted were perfect. The hotels, agriturismos and restaurants chosen exceeded all my expectations and the infrastructure to move us ever-forward was seamless. 

I remain in awe of your calmness and good humour in the face of the unexpected challenges thrown at you. Whenever a problem arose, you had an immediate and effective solution. 

Just as importantly, your tolerance and patience in dealing with the diverse personalities in our group kept the show on the road at all times.

Once again a million thanks for including us.


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