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Inside the Ottoman Empire

The Brief

Our client, a man with a twinkle in his eye, asked us to organise a journey through Turkey. It was to be his 25th wedding anniversary gift to his wife.  He produced a list of notes he had collected over the years about all the things she had mentioned she would have liked to experience if she ever visited the country.

With this information in hand, we planned a 12-day itinerary to suit her dreams.

The journey kicked off with a treasure hunt in the hidden passages of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar searching for antique silver jewellery before moving to the Lycian Way, a trail that meanders through time, past well-preserved ruins either perched on scented hillsides or lying along the shaded shores of the Aegean Sea.

In Bodrum, our underwater archaeologist guided them through the demise of the14th-century BCE Uluburun shipwreck. Its recovery revealing one of the most spectacular late Bronze Age collections to have ever emerged from the Mediterranean Sea.

The latter part of the journey unwound from ancient Hierapolis to the battlefields of Gallipoli, guided by a historian who painted vivid portraits of bravery, pride and sacrifice.

The Feedback

Thank you for organising a fantastic trip! Nikki and I felt like royalty all the way. The history professor in Gallipoli was sensational and gave us the details of the battle from the Turkish perspective as we wanted, not the usual blah, blah about what the British and Anzacs did…  

When we learnt that the mentor that accompanied us throughout the trip was the best archaeologist in Turkey, I felt really privileged. 

My friends will be green with envy when I tell them.



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