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Southern India and Sri Lanka

From houseboats to tea plantations and culinary wonders

The Brief

Inspired by tales of vibrant cultures, exciting flavours and exotic stories of colonisation in Southern India and Sri Lanka, our clients secured two first-class tickets before they thought of what they wanted to discover.

When they turned to Nomads Secrets seeking counsel; they revealed their interest in exploring their destinations retracing the footsteps of distinguished chefs Rick Stein (Southern India) and Peter Kuravita (Sri Lanka) who had televised their culinary adventures.

This brief enabled us to design a 17-day journey that took our clients from Mumbai’s chaotic exuberance, opulence and innovative cuisine to Kerala’s Ayurvedic serenity, houseboats and ancient musical rhythms. They subsequently flew to the “teardrop island” of Sri Lanka where they embarked on an exciting journey to the most spactacular and poignant historical and natural sights in the land, with pre-arranged culinary experiences recommended by the undisputed master of seafood cuisine in the land: chef Dharshan Munidasa. As the trip neared its end, our dynamic and curious duo spent a few days immersed in the serene beauty of a tea plantation owned by a renowned local family whose tea is sold and appreciated all around the world.

The Feedback

Thanks so much for all the wonderful work you have put into arranging our fantastical journey. I look forward to planning one in the north of India very soon!!! 


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