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A journey through the land of the cyclops

The Brief

Italy is possibly our clients’ most beloved destination where they return time and time again to explore a different region and peel its multifaceted layers. On this occasion Sicily was on the radar of this husband-and-wife duo with particular interest in the rich legacy left behind by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Spaniards spanning the island’s 3,000-year history.

We planned an 18-day journey covering the length and breadth of Sicily. In the capital Palermo they explored the Arab quarter with its souk-like markets and splendid architecture. They then headed around the coast with their driver and guides, to see some of the most well-preserved ancient Roman temples before stopping at inviting restaurants to enjoy delicious fish and seafood prepared by renowned chefs.

Next, they explored the island’s interior where the produce of the vast fertile plains is at the heart of Sicilian cuisine. On the way back to the coast, they wandered around the maze of streets and lanes in the Baroque towns of the Noto Valley looking for chocolate, hand-crafted ceramics, and old traditions. As they wound their way north-east, they swam beneath gleaming limestone cliffs and visited ancient Roman villas before attending a concert in Taormina’s extraordinary amphitheatre with the glowing red tinge of Mt. Etna’s lava in the background.

Our clients experienced Sicily in depth and it fascinated them with its grit, the warmth of its people and its unique history and culture. They particularly enjoyed the quality boutique accommodation, ease of travel and above all the wonderful food and wine.

The Feedback

We really had a wonderful time in Sicily and thanks to all your very comprehensive notes and the people who looked after us, we were really able to make the most of it. Thanks so much for your brilliant organisation and guidance.

We are about to leave for our Greek adventure.

Will be in touch again soon.


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