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Hazelnuts, truffles and the 'King of Wines'

The Brief

In search of Piedmont's culinary treasures, six travellers wished to embark on a gastronomic exploration of the Italian north-west, across the UNESCO-listed Barolo, Langhe, Roero region and the wilder and mountainous Alta Langa where they had heard they could enjoy excellent hikes.

We prepared a meticulously planned 17-day guided journey through perfectly manicured vineyards, where vignerons were testing the grapes’ sugar content for the imminent vintage. We met artisans making tasty goat and sheep cheeses, curing prized meets and mixing sought-after janduia (hazelnut paste) for their pastries and chocolates. We hiked along ancient pilgrimage routes and dined on pasta, eggs and vegetables laced in truffle. We feasted on Fassone tartare and braised cinghiale (wild boar) washed down with D.O.C. Barbaresco, Barbera and Barolo wines, before a well-deserved slumber in the excellent boutique hotels and villas in the region.

The Feedback

Ever since arriving back on Wednesday I’ve been reliving our wonderful trip as I tell friends and family of our adventures. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to be part of such an unforgettable experience. Such an itinerary of varied places and hotels and extraordinary vistas with a bunch of dear friends both old and new.

None of this would have been possible without your impeccable planning and eye for detail. Your ability to make snap decisions for the group when unexpected disaster struck causing sudden change of plans, and your tolerance and patience with us unherdable bunch of cats!

For all this and more..thank you Lucia..our lovely leader!


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