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A family adventure in China

The Brief

After immersing themselves in Betolucci’s 1986 cinematic masterpiece “The Last Emperor”, a family of five turned to Nomads Secrets seeking a transformative pilgrimage that echoed with the sounds and sights of China’s modern and ancient history.

Gathering around a table laden with maps and images of adventure, we embarked together on a dialogue that delved into each family member’s unique passions. We then planned a 21-day journey from the hushed inner sanctum of the Forbidden City (with private access) to the legendary Shaolin Temple near the historic city of Luoyang where the family enjoyed a 3-day, in-depth Dengfeng Shaolin, Kung Fu masterclass. Led by a world-renowned expert, they also embarked on a 10-day exploration of the Great Wall before hiking across the steep paths of Longsheng County’s stunning terraced rice fields.

The Feedback

I must confess I was not as confident as Maria about having a good time with the boys in China, I was worried it would end up in a disaster with the boys being bored and wanting to go home. To my surprise we all had a great time and now my son Henry and I are better friends than before. He has started martial art classes with me. 

Thank you so much for helping our family bond and laugh together. 

Where should we go next?


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