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Amalfi Coast

A dream come true

The Brief

The Amalfi Coast had played matchmaker for a young couple in their university days. With their hearts set on returning to pledge their love someday, years passed, before the bride’s parents contacted Nomads Secrets to turn the wish into reality.

The clients wanted the wedding to be a celebration of union, family and friendship wrapped in Mediterranean enchantment.

Lucia being a proud Italian, crafted a week-long extravaganza, reminiscent of the Coast’s dolce vita.

The festivities opened with a welcome dinner in the former 11th century Palazzo del Marquis de Sasso, where Humphrey Bogart once stayed, while the knot was tied on the luxuriant grounds where D.H. Lawrence conceived Lady Chatterley’s Lover. For the farewell, the revellers took to the sea on a private vessel, swimming, dining and sunbathing where Pablo Neruda wrote “the Captain’s Verses” for which he won the Noble Prize for Literature in 1971.

Amidst such evocative splendour, we also had to overcome the challenges of ushering the large group through the narrow paths of Medieval villages, or along the hair-raising web of roads leading to their destinations.

The Feedback

The journey you arranged was amazing!! You are a legend! You have done a brilliant job … You made all our dreams seamlessly into reality and we thank you with all our hearts!!!


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