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Whether we are working from our head office in Sydney, Australia, or from anywhere across the world, the Nomads Secrets’ founders and our support teams are there to help you create and enjoy your next amazing adventure!

Lucia O'Connell


Lucia’s love affair with travel has taken her to many places for work, study, and pleasure, enabling her to meet inspiring people and experience great moments and places. Multilingual, with decades of travel and a senior executive career under her belt, Lucia started Nomads Secrets in 2013 to help other avid travellers experience the magic that travel can deliver when you are in the hands of someone who can create something “special just for you”.

Tony Sernack

Director and Photographer

Tony has had a long career in the corporate world at executive and board level while always pursuing his life-long passion for photography.

He has shot assignments for the New York Times and International Herald Tribune as well as for a number of other publications.

His book “One Week Before” documented the New Year celebrations in Nepal one week before the devastating 2015 earthquake. The proceeds from the book were donated to the rebuilding efforts.

His photography and journalism are at the heart of the documentation of our micro group tours, exploratory journeys and magazine

Fellow Traveller.

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